31 August, 2010

Very Sleepy but Ready for Action

Lately I've had no excuse for this sudden laziness. I've been calling out sick from work (totally not proud of myself, I'll go into details some other day, maybe; I have shame u_u) and running late on deadlines that ended an entire month ago. Everybody makes mistakes, just don't let them happen again, right? Well, I'm gonna try very hard to actually write more stories and meet deadlines and actucally go to work and school. That is all. Sorry this had nothing to do with yaoi, but I look hella cute right now ♥ I'm going to bed now. Goodnight. kisses. Love y'all.

23 August, 2010

So cute!! Misaki and Usagi-san Nendoroid!!

These are so cute!! I love them so much. I heard that their release date was postponed again to end of August 2010 or early September 2010 but I don't know the exact date, sorry. I want to pre-order atleast one of them--Misaki or Usagi-san. I don't care for the bear too much, but its still incredibly cute. ^_^ Also i don't know too much about the pricing. On ebay, someone is selling them for a set of 3 for 125.00 USD, but i heard the original pricing for a set of 3 is 2,100 or 2,800 Yen. Total ripoff. So yeah, I want them, but i won't be buying them from that seller. lolz xD