09 September, 2014

Cakes & Guns by Aiden Lovely

Okay, so I was asked to do a book review because I read Yaoi and m/m romance novels, so the author asked me via twitter and gave me a free copy of the title and I was supposed to do this review last month but I forgot. Moving on. So anyways, the story is kind of weird for my taste because I am not that into action stories, but I did like this one.

It begins with a character named Taki Daikon being humiliated by this man named Vincent, who is like a mobster or something. Taki gets spanked and forced to wear a frilly girly apron. The story is really interesting because I never know where the author is going with it, but it ties together well and its pretty funny, so I think its a good read and its kinda short.
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