28 July, 2011

Relaxing Or Painful!?

This is silly but very painful. Im glad its not severe b/c I know I will be ok or at least I hope I'll be ok. I'm in so much pain right now. Sitting here typing is kinda painful b/c I can't turn my head, I have to turn my body. I woke up this morning and stretched in a funny way and instantly my neck like snapped. So yeah my neck is in so much pain that I can't turn my head. Took a hot shower and right now my neck isn't as awful as earlier still very painful and my head is cocked to the right. Trying to relaxing & not think about the pain, I downloaded Body Language by Aki Morimoto on my kindle app for android. It's a pretty good yaoi novel. Second time reading it. If you haven't read it, I'm probably gonna do a review on it maybe...xxxooox au revoir & hopefully I'll feel better soon. :'(

08 July, 2011

More Pain ;___;

So, I was at the nail salon, funn fun ikr, and I decided to try gel nails b/c I've had acrylic nails before and I liked them but I encountered an old lady that recommended I should get gel nails. So why not give it a try, n'est-ce pas? lolz. Anyways, I went to the salon and was seated at a little table. Very cute, petite woman helped me. She was so polite and gentle--she was amazing! Not to get off topic but when I went a different nail salon abt a year ago, this wild, rough man did my nails. Omg, he was so intimidating--like staring directly into my eyes w/o blinking as he sawed my hands off and twisted my wrist while constantly yelling, "RELAX!" in my face. And I couldn't complain to the owner b/c he was the owner. Scary.

So, yeah, my first time getting gel nails. All the reviews I read abt them were fairly good. I was sitting there and the lady was talking to me. I could barely understand anything she said. She was like talking to herself b/c I only laughed when she laughed. It was awkward. I started zoning out, watching General Hospital b/c that was on this giant tv in front of me. I looked at her and she said (what i heard) something, something, ow ow ow, but burning don't last long." I smiled and was like, "Oh ok." I went back to watching General Hospital as she guided my hand into a machine that looked like an easybake oven/ toaster thing. My hand was resting inside this thing. The lady turned on a little fan. She said, "this will take away pain," and smiled.

Before I could even smile back, my hand--my nails felt like it was on fire! Tbh, it felt like hot candle wax had been dumped on my finger. Imagine a hot glue gun pressed on tender flesh. I howled. She laughed. The worst part: that was just the burning of one finger. I had 9 more to go. :( The end results were kinda worth it. Idk. For any of u virgin gel nail fingers, be prepared to scream. Hot candle wax is so not sexy to me anymore, though, I'd still like to see an uke tortured w/ hot candle wax dripping down his chest, but yeah. It hurt. Pretty much paid for pain. lolz xxoxoxo

A Whole Lot of Pain :'(

Im in pain. Not a lot of pain but enough pain that when I move, I'm reminded of what happened. I'm kinda embarrassed too. I was trying to prove to my sibling that going outside at night is not scary. And I dashed outside screaming and leaping--Im pretty much beyond crazy >.> & I was screaming a song I heard Peter Griffin sing in Family Guy, it was like: ding fries are done, ding fries are done or something like that. And I was wearing ugg boots even though it's summer and as I ran, I did a long leap, kicking both my legs out as if I was doing ballet. So the first leap was successful but the second one--err...not so much. I slipped on the wet grass and fell forward and landed face first in the middle of the empty street. My hands had slapped against the ground so hard, I heard this awful slapping noise. I twisted my left wrist and I scraped my knee and hurt my ankle. :'( The palms of my hands had little cuts on them that bleed a little. And instead of helping me, my sibling was laughing at me. I was on the GROUND, literally in a daze--trying to figure out why one minute I'm running and now I'm kissing the ground. Like wtf? O__O and then I slowly got up and limped to the front door. Ow ow ow! My hands still hurt. DX

06 July, 2011

Important stuff D:

Hmm...I've been thinking abt a lot lately. Like moving out, writing, working & some junk. I feel inspired again! ^o^ isn't that great?! I feel inspired to write more fanfiction, orig. fiction and even a couple articles for magazines. Abt a month ago, the blinking cursor that used inspire me, only haunted me but now, I'm in love with filling the blank page w/ words again. Im excited. I want to write men fucking and sucking and spanking and kissing--NAKED MEN IN BED! tbh, Im not sure what pairing I wanna write abt. Any suggestions? O__O All is good in the writing dept. lolz :D

But on to other things. My mom DOESN'T like me writing smut. She calls it garbage. :'( With all honesty, I dont give a fuck what she says or thinks abt yaoi or smut or me writing yaoi smut. :p I wanna move out, not just b/c my mom doesn't like smut but b/c of the abuse done by mom and dad. I blogged abt some of the secret abuse in an earlier post. Don't wanna upset myself by writing abt it now. Srry. So, yeah, I'm moving out and I'm trying to form a move out plan. My parents are no help, so I've been talking to friends and stuff, but still Idk. My plan was to save up some money, I can't get a scend job b/c of school, so I was trying to sell stuff on ebay. I don't just want the money for the ebay stuff, but also, I want to get rid of some things so moving out will be a little easier. I've been donating clothes and stuff--it's all name brand so some lucky kid will be sporting free Armani and stuff lolz XD Overall, I'm trying to pay off my bills b/c I have serval maxed out credit cards and blah blah loans--blah blah blah. =__= but I keep spending more than I save. Now that my paycheck is direct deposit, I spend it so quickly, its ridiculous. In other words, ehow is practically my lifesaver although it can't solve all problems...or maybe it can ;D but yeah, suggestions/ a little help or tips on moving out would be nice. xxoxoxx :3