28 September, 2011

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi OVA 2

It was so cute. Omg. The OVA follows Chiaki and Hatori's relationship. I wish there were more kissing scenes. Bummer. But its cute and we get to see how intimate they are since after all they were childhood friends. But Chiaki receives a phone call from his mother, forcing him to visit home. He brings Hatori to his home. They see his pushy mother and shy sister. They face the typical yaoi/ boyslove couple real life problem: how can the only son tell his parents that he's dating his childhood friend? Chiaki is then conflicted with the thought that his sister would be best for Hatori because she is a girl and his mother will appreciate it more if he also had a girlfriend. And then I got this random thought: Chiaki and his sister look very similar just like Wataru and Karin Fujii from OTRFK. Just a random thought, but it reminded me of that; w/e. But anyways, Chiaki is jealous which is so cute lolz :3 And then, so sweet, Hatori kisses him! eek! The end is the cutest when Hatori questions Chiaki's decision to drop the character that resembles Hatori and Chiaki replies b/c he doesn't like drawing the heroine in scenes with the character based off his lover. lolz those aren't his exact words but still it was cute lolz XD Can't wait for season 2 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

26 September, 2011

Lumpy Arms :'(

The first time I tried Yardley of London oatmeal and almond, I was in an I’ll-try-anything-once mood: a Hollister shirt hugging my figure with a mane of sunshine blonde hair and tight denim cuffed above my ankles. The packaging of the soap bar was tempting. The soap was like a loveletter sprayed w/ perfume. It had attracted the attention of so many resulting in Yardley’s legendary reputation.

Yardley started in 1770 as a limited British cosmetic line before its successful products became global. My skin was dry and sensitive, so I when a product worked, I used it for life. Burt’s Bees was always a god send for me too. The soap carried a luxurious scent and my body wore a coat of suds. Its rich lather was impressive for its price. My skin rivaled silk after every use. Yardley was my new beauty addiction.

A year of use had passed and the soap never lost its charm. I used it in my daily routine until I noticed a difference. A bad difference. My arms. My arms were suffering. The forearm was covered in little whiteheads. I panicked. I was a pickle. It resembled a Nestle crunch bar. No itching or burning just ugliness. I didn't accuse Yardley. My new beauty gem couldn't be letting me down. I googled the condition. No luck on a cure. I tried a Neutrogena astringent. Nothing. I tried a moisturizer. I even prayed. My pickle arms remained. I couldn't live with lumpy skin. And finally my mom suggested life without Yardley. It was a struggle….but I was desperate. I kicked the habit with a solution. Dove.