10 March, 2010

Dear JPQueen, You SUCK!!

JP Queen Sucks! Why?? Because their items are overly priced, the shipping fees are outrageous and they never find the items I request. And they give a deadline to pay for your order. A simple Junjou Romantica Can case is not available? What the hell! I'm very angry right now. I'm sick of paying--wasting tons and tons of dollars on items that aren't even worth their original price. I just almost spent 30 dollars on a stupid Junjou can case that was originally 865 yen, which is 9 USD. Why can't I pay the same price? I understand its an import but don't sellers feel bad cheating their customers? OMG! I paid 24 USD for two Gackt notebooks. How ridiculous is that? And god forbid if you're buying a kawaii item like Rilakkuma or Banao the elite banana, just add 20 USD for every original price. Items are not worth the money. What? Sellers think they're the only people who need money or something? The only solution to my problem is moving to Japan. Then I can pay the right price for the item. I mean, 30 dollars for a can case with Misaki on it. Give me a break! Whatever. Goodnight.