24 October, 2010

Roller Coasters, Pizza & A Sprained Muscle? O_O

Next to ghosts, monsters and aliens, my biggest fear is the roller-coaster. Those devils are so scary and so not fun. They're like my biggest fear, but I still get on them anyway. It's embarrassing that I actually cried on a strange old woman's shoulder when riding the Batman at Six Flags when I was much younger, I think I was 13 or something. I'm pathetic, right? And the other day I was with my sister and a friend and we were at six flags. They convinced to go on this crazy, spinning, super fast roller-coaster (forgot the name of it)and I was like okay at first as it slowly moved and whoosh! It was fast on the track and I was screaming and crying. And it was so embarrassing because the kid next to me was half my size and probably like 12 years old and the ride had no effect on him, instead he was laughing at me, but worst of all I clung to his arm and buried my head in his side, closing my eyes and shrieking. And when the ride turned upside down, I bit the kid's arm. .And yeah, that's pretty bad. I gnaw on people when I go on crazy rides. And the little brat wouldn't stop laughing and waving his arms in the air. Like wtf? And when I got off the ride, it was really dark and cold, so I was heading to the car, but my arm hurt so badly. It was awful. My body is like really stiff now and my voice is hoarse from all the screaming. Next time, I'm going on nothing but baby rides lolz

Some Things Will Never Change

A yaoi fanfic of Shizuo X Izaya. I totally love Shizuo and Izaya, so when they're together, they're like one of the hottest yaoi couples (nosebleed). Shizaya FTW! ^_^ All characters and situations other than my own belong to Ryohgo Narita. Enjoy. :D

Some Things Will Never Change

Shizuo brushed the gentle snowflakes from his pale blond hair. His black leather shoes imprinted in the snow as he walked with his hands in his pockets. Even in the cold weather, he wore nothing but his bartender outfit. Even his sunglasses were fogged up by the cold air. And just fiddling with the buttons on the vest reminded him of his brother, the one that bought him the outfit to begin with. He glanced for a second at the big movie poster hanging on the side of the movie theater. It was an old poster of his brother’s debut film. He groaned and continued past. It was enough to increase his bad mood but only a little.

“Izaya-kun.” The name spilled from his between his lips, “I will kill you.” His voice was a low grumble. He clinched his fists, getting angrier by the second. He tried to calm himself. I don’t like violence. He revealed a cigarette from his pocket and then lit it. Puffs of smoke filled his surrounding. He gritted his teeth imaging Izaya’s smiling face. I hate having him on mind all the time. I can’t tell if it’s anger or obsession that keeps me thinking about him. He took a step forward, kicking an empty can on the street.

“Hey Shizuo, want some sushi? It’s good for you.” Simon called out from the shop. Shizuo, continuing with his head down, barely spoke; he just waved the man away as he walked further towards an alley. He didn’t feel like going home tonight when he was so angry just thinking about Izaya. It was like he was unconsciously trying to hunt the mischievous boy down. He knew Izaya would be hard to find, right? Izaya was always found in weird places: either nearby just to annoy him or stomping on girls’ cell phones. But Shizuo couldn’t stop himself from smiling; just thinking about how he would destroy Izaya. First he’d start by smashing the boy with something really really heavy or even stabbing Izaya with his own knife"something slow and painful would do. He laughed to himself, brushing more snow out of his hair. And when he realized it, he had walked himself to a dead end.

He stood there for a moment. Taking the last smoke from his cigarette, he then dropped it in the snow. “Something stinks.” He said to himself as turned to leave. But he was startled at the sound of a sneeze. He raised an eyebrow. He wasn’t scared, after all being the strongest man in Ikebukuro, not many dared to approach him. And without a second thought he proceeded to leave.

“Even in a snow storm you’re dressed like a bartender? You really are stupid.” Shizuo recognized the voice followed by ridiculing laughter without even turning around. He clinched his fists. Grabbing for the closest streetlamp, he said:

“Izaya-kun!” His voice was a roar that even surprised himself. Izaya sat there with his head resting on his knees, wiping his runny nose with his jacket sleeve. Even with the enraged Shizuo coming towards him, he didn’t move. Instead he drew his knife from his pocket. “Come any closer Shizu-chan and I’ll cut you.” He said and then he coughed more and more, causing him to drop his knife. What was this? Izaya was barely strong enough to fight back? This was it, Shizuo thought, his chance to finally kill Izaya"revenge. Izaya’s breath came out in chunks"clouds of breath and his eyes were watery half-moons. The closer Shizuo got, the more he could see Izaya’s flushed face. Shizuo stopped. His heart skipped a beat. A vibrant stirring began brewing in his pants. He was taken"taken by the enemy.

Shizuo blushed and took a step back. He couldn’t bring himself to attack the boy when he looked so...so arousing. Shizuo threw the street lamp in the opposite direction.

“What’s wrong with you?” he said, “Are you dying?”

“Shut up, Shizu-chan. It’s got nothing to do with you.” Izaya made an attempt to stand up, but all he did was collapse into the snow, dragging his body past Shizuo. Why am I watching him crawl away? This is my chance"my revenge. Izaya took a breath on the ground, trying to stand again. Look at him. He’s pathetic. Izaya’s hand then gripped Shizuo’s ankle.

“Izaya-kun?” Shizuo said bending down. “Shizu-chan” he said in a weak voice, constantly panting with his speech, “H-help me.” That face? Shizuo couldn’t get a grip on himself. His heart pounded so loudly it could be heard over the noisy city. He was speechless staring into the helpless Izaya’s eyes. He was so cute"so innocent looking when he was in this condition. What was this feeling coming over Shizuo? He hadn’t felt anything like this before. He felt as if he wanted to embrace Izaya regardless of their history. The boy was just so cute. He blushed and retreated frightened by his own feelings. He wanted to leave Izaya there, but the image of the weak Izaya’s cute face lingered on in his mind. His heart rapidly beat. Izaya’s eyes closed as his body became limp.

What was this feeling? Shizuo thought as he held the devious boy in his arms, pressing him close to his chest. He still has a pulse. He needs warmth. Shizuo raced threw the streets passing Simon again. Simon looked up shocked at the sight, then his eyes softened. “Things change every day, I guess.” He smiled to himself and went back into the shop.

The lights in the apartment were very bright. Shizuo sat at the end of the bed with his legs crossed. He glanced over at the resting Izaya. His fever is getting worse. Here I am, watching him sleep when I should be torturing him. Shizuo sighed. I guess I don’t hate him that much…but then why am I always thinking about him? Shizuo looked closely at Izaya’s profile. Was it his devious grin that made him so unforgettable? Or was it his flushed face that stirred Shizuo’s heart?

“Hey…quit staring at me, pervert.” Izaya opened one eye and then the other. Shizuo blushed and turned away.

“Try anything funny and I will cut you. Promise.” Izaya said and then grinned.

“Shut up. If it weren’t for me, you’d be dead right now.” Shizuo stood up. “So why don’t you kill me?” he laughed.

“Be quiet. Just be quiet.” Shizuo grabbed the nearest dresser in the bedroom and hovered it over Izaya. Izaya coughed and shivered. Shizuo blushed again and threw the dresser to the floor. It was hard to hurt Izaya when was making such a cute face. When he wasn’t being so stubborn and childlike…he was actually kinda cute. Shizuo ran his fingers through his hair at the thought. “I’ll make soup. Try to eat.”

Izaya rolled his eyes. “I don’t want that dummy. Get me pizza and beer. Now.” His foot nudged Shizuo.

“But I don’t have any pizza or beer.”

“Huh? Then go get some.” Izaya turned over whimpering from his fever. When he was like this, it was easy to laugh at him. He was like a bad child. Shizuo grabbed his wallet from the nightstand and hurried into the snow.

Somehow when Izaya’s face was flushed and he was so weak, he was irresistible. Shizuo thought. His feet crushed the snow and he couldn’t recall when he started thinking about it, but he couldn’t stop himself from imagining his fingers groping Izaya’s thin body. He wanted to skim his tongue down the boy’s pale back and push his fingers inside, maybe even taking the boy from the back. He wanted to place his lips near the boy’s neck and nuzzle him. The thoughts made him blush as his member began to throb from between his thighs. He shook his head back and forth, trying to rid himself of the thoughts. After all the pain and suffering I went through"his lies and here, I can’t even mercilessly hurt him. Damn. He took out another cigarette, but it wasn’t long before he returned to his lonely apartment. He eased the door open, trying not to rip it off the hinges.

He entered the bedroom and placed the food on the nightstand. When he pulled back the blankets, Izaya was missing from the bed. “Izaya-kun…” the name spilled from his mouth. Was this a trick or something? No matter how cute Izaya appeared to be, he was still a trickster of the worst type. But then Shizuo heard a thud. It came from the bathroom. And when he listened closely, he heard the shower water hitting the porcelain tub.

The bathroom was steamy and there was Izaya lying bare on the tiled floor. Beads of water traced his body. His eyes were downcast as his chest bobbed up and down from his heavy breathing. He was panting with his eyes half open.

“W-what happened?” Shizuo couldn’t stop his nosebleed from just looking at boy’s body. He covered his blushing face, feeling his member twitch at the sight. He licked his lips. What had become of him? These lustful thoughts. He couldn’t control himself. Izaya looked into his eyes, helplessly panting.

“I tried to shower,” he said in a low whisper, “But then I started to feel faint and…” He couldn’t finish his sentence without whimpering from his vicious fever. His flushed cheeks were glowing as he lifted his head. “P-please…take me to bed.”

And at that moment Shizuo lost all control over his actions. He ran his fingers through Izaya’s black hair. The sick boy couldn’t fight back. Shizuo took a breath and buried his face in Izaya’s hair. “You smell so nice for a rat.” He smiled and then gently kissed the boy’s head.

His arms wrapped around Izaya’s waist, pulling him closer. He leaned Izaya’s weak body against the tub. His back was against the cold porelain but he was so hot inside he could barely feel it. Shizuo’s hands brushed against his hard pink nipples. Izaya moaned loudly, trying to hold back his voice as his fingers gripped the bathroom rug. He tilted his head back as Shizuo’s lips pressed against his neck, first nipping at the ear, making him flinch. A sudden heat brewed between his thighs as Shizou licked his collar bone, planting tiny kisses all over his pale skin. His lips then traveled to Izaya’s chest. He licked a nipple strikingly like a snake, his hot tongue whipped it. Izaya’s moans were high pitch as he tried to pull away, but Shizuo’s strength was too much, overpowering so easily, he had no other option but to submit. It felt so good. He couldn’t deny it. He cooed loudly with his thighs pressed together to hide his thick member, throbbing from Shizuo’s heated fingertips caressing his flesh. He seemed more sensitive. Before another pant could escape his lips, Shizuo pressed his mouth against Izaya’s harshly. It was a rough kiss that forced Izaya’s lips apart. Shizuo then pushed his tongue in, sucking on Izaya’s bottom lip. Izaya clutched Shizuo’s hair. Their foreheads were touching. Izaya’s lips curled around Shizuo’s lips as he felt Shizuo’s hands massaging his hips. He slightly groaned but he couldn’t stop kissing Shizuo, their lips meeting over and over again. He wanted Shizou inside him. He’d never admit it, but his young body hungered for it. Was this why Shizuo was always on his mind? A deep cooing pulled from his throat as his tongue entered Shizuo’s hot mouth. Both their bodies were ablaze.

A high-pitched moan flew from Izaya’s mouth when Shizuo’s finger entered him. It was unexpected but the more the finger pulled in and out, the more it began to feel so pleasurable. He wanted more than just a finger. He became frustrated, yearning for something thicker, bigger.

“I see. You’re a virgin.” Shizuo chuckled and then kissed the boy’s blushing face. Izaya refused to face him in this situation. He couldn’t. But Shizuo seemed to read his mind. His fingers rapidly undid the belt on his pants and revealed his swollen organ just waiting for a release. Shizuo didn’t know how much longer he could go before penetrating the helplessly greedy Izaya. He then noticed the erection Izaya was trying to hide. He was so hard it looked as if he would explode. This brought a smile to Shizuo’s face, seeing Izaya like this, knowing the boy was begging for it.

“Look at you,” he said, “You’re about to explode.”

“S-shut up.” Izaya’s voice was lustful as he parted his legs letting Shizuo see all of him. Shizuo took the invitation without a second thought. He gripped Izaya’s thighs tenderly and gently pressed his member against the moist entrance. Izaya moaned. Shizuo pushed in deeper, watching Izaya struggle in pain, the young man gripping the bathroom rug and tears streaming down his cheeks. This wouldn’t do anything for his fever except make him hotter. But Shizuo held him tightly, listening to his sexy moans echo throughout the bathroom. He thrust slowly, letting the boy’s virgin hole accustom to his thick size. Izaya scratched Shizuo’s back, leaving marks that mimicked cat scratches. He gritted his teeth as Shizuo rocked him back and forth, his back constantly slamming into the porcelain tub. His fingers inched up Izaya’s heated body, kissing Izaya’s lips as his thrusts quicken. Izaya’s moans grew louder and louder. The warmth between them was growing so strong that beads of sweat drizzling down their bodies. Shizuo pushed in deeper, rocking Izaya’s body faster and faster. Shizuo’s jagged breaths quickened as his warm member felt as if it were about to burst inside Izaya’s hot body. And Izaya’s voice reached a soprano pitch. Holding Izaya close, he gave his last splurt, filling the boy with his hot cream and simultaneously, Izaya’s jizz ran between his thighs as he fell limp in Shizuo’s arms. His chest was moving rapidly as his eyes closed. And there he lay in Shizuo’s arms faint from the heat. Shizuo smiled. Izaya had never looked so cute. He kissed the boy on the lips again, wishing he could hold him forever.

By morning, Izaya awoke in Shizuo’s bed. Mmmm…these blankets smell like Shizuo, he thought as he smiled. He then quickly closed his eyes as Shizou entered the room.

“Get up. It’s already noon.”

Izaya opened his eyes, “I feel better.”

“Yeah, I checked your temperature this morning. You’re fever is gone.”

“So I’m leaving.” Izaya pulled on his jackt. His fingers brushed against the fur trim. Thank you was what he wanted to say, but he’d never say it.



“About last night. Err…If you tell anyone...I’ll just say it was rape.” He smiled and headed for the window watching the now enraged Shizuo reach for anything insight. “You! Y-you wanted it! Izaya-kun! He growled hurling the bed. Izaya darted out the window dodging everything Shizuo threw. Neither of them would forget what happened on that night and both treasured the memory if they could admit it or not. Simon watched a vending machine crash in the distance. He laughed. “And sometimes, things never change.” he said, watching Izaya sprint past and Shizuo throwing a car. Simon was right. Some things would never change.

21 October, 2010

Busy Busy Busy & Kinda Lazy :p

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. First off I need to get my coworker off my mind, because he's too sexy and he's distracting me from getting anything done, but blogging these cheesy posts abut how in love I am with him. It needs to stop. Now. Next, shopping is like consuming my life to the point where all I do is buy without thinking. Bad. Very bad. And now I feel guilty and scared for like no reason. Starting to think I'm going crazy. But I'm gonna get through with Izaya as my witness, I will clean up my problems and go back to work (literally go to my job lolz & stop calling out. bad me. I need a spanking ^///^) but yeah, totally love Izaya! Izaya FTW!! ^o^ But seriously I need to write more yaoi too. I promise to clean up my act ASAP. That is all. Thank you.

16 October, 2010

Crazy for You.

It's so hard to fight back the tears battling my eyes when I watch him leave. I don't think he knows that my heart cries a little as I see him walk through the sliding doors. He doesn't understand how much I wanna be with him. I come to work excited when working the same days, my heart pounding and my mind racing, thinking up all the things I could say to him. But as soon as I see him, my eyes light up and I smile hard and then he turns to me and his smile takes everything I planned to say away. I like him. I love him.

14 October, 2010

I want to go to BL Academy

I'm gonna be honest about this before I even start talking about Gakuen Heaven Endou Calling You manga, I'm a die hard Gakuen Heaven Lover! Yes, I own the games & mangas & even a cute Endou & Keita memo pad. Endou & Keita are my FAVORITE pairing. Anyways, the English translation of Endou Calling You was very very good. As always I love the artwork by You Higuri and I love the company Spray (their games are awesome). The story is really intense, but the beginning is very slow because it's a recap of Keita's arrival at BL Academy.But after that it's a pager tuner! no lie. The storyline gets so intense when the new vice president tries to wreck Endou's & Keita's relationship and the BL Academy! It's a great BL story not much explicit sex (lame). I don't know which I like better the Gakuen Heaven Nakajima manga (he's so sadistic ;D) or Gakuen Heaven Endou manga (he's such a cutie kyaaa!xD). In each manga Keita is very different. His usually personality is sweet and adventurous like in the Gakuen Heaven Niwa manga & Endou manga, but in the Nakajima manga, he's very innocent, sweet and so weak. I like Keita like that, weak and innocent. Which is better, weak Keita or adventurous Keita? O_O

09 October, 2010

Crazy for You.

Sometimes I like to watch this guy at work. He's just so cute; even just hearing his voice, my body gets really tense and my heart lights up in my chest. And I just can't stop thinking about him. Drives me crazy. I get so happy and smile a lot when he speaks to me with that soft, deep manly voice. He probably wonders what I'm thinking about when every time he sees me, I'm smiling. Maybe he knows I have a secret crush that's becoming too much to hide? I miss him when he leaves work and wait for him to say "bye". And even sometimes I avoid him just to see if he'll care that I'm not near him. I like playing games like that, helps me reassure that maybe he can return my feelings. I even read his text messages over and over again when I start missing him. I love him. A lot.

07 October, 2010

Piyotan: Housekeeper wa Cute na Tantei! BL Game

Have you ever played Piyotan? I freakin' love this BL game. My translation of its Japanese are really horrible so I kinda don't understand the game that well (epic fail, ikr. w/e) but yeah,the artwork is so cute and the yaoi scenes are pretty hardcore. I really like this game. It's about a cute boy named Toru who is a detective and receives a mission to investigate a mansion. He pretends to be a housekeeper to discover clues and stuff and he meets many sexy guys there. Very cool game from Spray. Love it :D

05 October, 2010

Hey Class President FTW! ^o^

I give this manga five stars. It's so cute and awesome even though the artwork isn't as beautiful as others like Hotaru Odagiri (love her artwork the most ^^),but yeah, the Class President manga is awesome. I have read volumes 1, 2 & 3 so far. I heard there is a 4th volume coming but I don't know when :p Chiga and Kokusai are such a cute couple and after reading most of the series so far, I still have no clue to what is going on. I mean like the entire story is a little plotless. Kokusai realizes he's in love with Chiga and Chiga has been in love with Kokusai for like ever now. *sighs* I keep reading, hoping the story will get more interesting but judging that volume 4 is the last one, the ending can be predicted--bummer. It's still a nice read with pretty good sex and all that stuff. Good smut lolz xD, w/e I like it. I love the way they just can't stop having sex. Chiga is just so horny and Kokusai...Kokusai is a pervert (tee hee ^///^) And there is a spin-off manga called Daini Button Kudasai. It's about Kokusai's friend, Akutsu and his boyfriend Murakami & how they fell in love during judo practice. Totally worth a read I think. But yeah, looking forward to Hey Class President volume 4 ^__^

01 October, 2010

Green Light = Go Read This Now! ^o^

I really liked this BL novel, but it's very sweet compared to the explicit books I read, but still I like it. At first, knowing the book doesn't have any good explicit sex scenes is a big turn off and the first couple pages are boring, but after that it's amazing. It's about this boy named Izumi that becomes isolated at school after shouting at his best friend, the most popular student, the Prince Charming Natsuki when they are kids. And ever since then, even now they are in high school, Izumi's classmates have ostracized him. So Izumi blames Natsuki for his isolation. So Natsuki tries to help Izumi be liked by the other classmates and asks what he can do to help and angrily Izumi says (sarcastingly) "Go out with me!" but Natsuki takes Izumi seriously and thus their love blooms. The characters annoy me but it was still a good book to read. A cute story. I read a review about it before buying it and like the reviewer really took the novel a little too seriously, I mean, it's a just a story -- anything can happen, right? Yes, the story is a little ridiculous, but it was still very cute. But if you like sex thirsty novels like me, then don't rush to buy it. Love BL novels :)