28 January, 2012


Easing back into my daily routine is difficult. I am not exactly aware of why it's difficult but recently, school started again and even though I had a month of vacation, I can't seem to get a grip on my studies. There aren't any cute guys in my classes to take my mind off of the miserable lecture. My classes are so boring but I can't complain because school is always boring. Bleh. But also, I no longer have a job and in all honesty, I'm not looking for a job at the moment. I have no money and a long list of things to buy. And that may seem like a horrible situation but it's better than cashiering at a dead-end job, so in that reality, I am happy.

Right now, I can't say much about the way I feel. I know I've had some ups and downs. I'm okay now...I think. At least I hope I will be okay. No mood-swings or mind-crushing depressive attacks. I am not crazy. Sometimes I'm a little lost but I think I found my way. Also, I'm excited to watch the remake of the Ai no Kusabi OVA. I'll watch it tonight.
I have developed a coffee addiction..


10 January, 2012


It's only January and I'm battling intense stress. Welcome 2012. This was intended to be a short post, so I'm done. Oh yeah, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi season 2 was amazing. My favorite character changed. A little while ago I thought Ritsu & Takano were the best but now I really prefer Chiaki even though I never liked Hatori. Is that possible? The complexity of my decision is too long to discuss right now, but strangely enough Chiaki gives me inspiration or something. Who's your favorite character or pairing?