29 November, 2010

WTF?! -__-

Am I the only one that thinks this is stupid? I just read an article about Aoi from the Gazette hating on the vocaloids, emphasising on Miku because she's the most popular. I think this is really stupid. He says vocaloids aren't real music. I love vocaloids, but in a way, I kinda agree with him becuase Miku is a program, but I do think the vocaloids are real music too. I don't know if that makes any sense but people really shouldn't be calling Aoi curse words and saying mean things justbecause his opinion is different, right? Vocaloid fans are trying to stand up for Miku because she can't stand up for herself or something. Idk Honestly I like Gazette and Vocaloids. Reita is so sexy. I love him and I love visual kei!! xD but anyways, Miku is good enough to stand up for herself by being able to prove it with her software's performance and Gazette is good too. And over all, who gives a shit? I don't care what anyone says about Gazette or Vocaloids. I don't think this crappy ass news deserves an article. It's his opinion and no matter what he thinks, it won't stop vocaloids from making music, so why should anyone care. Who do you prefer, Gazette or Vocaloids? :D

23 November, 2010

Where's My Yaoi?!

I'm sick of waiting. I'm trying not to grow impatient but I want an English version of Junjou Romantica vol.13, Hey Class President vol. 4 & 5 and Only the Ring Finger Knows vol.5! And it breaks my heart that the Sex Pistol OVA 2 has been delayed again. LAME! I'm not satisfied with these new yaoi manga titles being released, but I'm very happy to see how popular Yaoi has become in the United States. I remember when I was much younger, the only books at the store for yaoi/ boyslove manga was Eerie Queerie and Gravitation. So I can't complain really. But what's with all the delays and brutal waiting? I want to see more yaoi anime too like Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Sorry to be such an impatient Yaoi brat, but yeah, I need my daily dose of Yaoi. And this is kinda random, but Ciel and Sebastian's English dubbed voices for the Black Butler anime are HORRIBLE! But anyways, I'll continue to wait because I can't live without yaoi.

22 November, 2010

Cute Boy Itunes App

Echoes in my heart. It's an app for the iphone and ipod touch. It looks really cute and I read that there are three cute guys with different personalities that you can interact with. Cool, huh? But I also read the reviews about it being slow and the English translation being not that good, but I'm still considering giving it a try for my ipod touch. I think it's a game where the guys just say nice and encouraging things to the player and answer different questions and stuff. Fun for car rides or when waiting at the dentists' office or whatever. It looks cool and cute boys make it worth every penny, so I'm excited!! ;D

This Book Gives Me a Fever! xD

Hmmm...don't where to begin about this book. It's really good. So many hot kissing scenes lolz but there are very few sex scenes. Lame. And the sex scenes aren't as good as in the novel,Caged Slave, but the novel was pretty cute. It's short, which is good because other books just go on and on and on...until I fall asleep. I've read really long books that haven't put me to sleep too. So fair enough, right? Yeah. It's about these two friends, the quiet and cute uke, Satori and the sexy, tall Asou. They get drunk at a party and have sex. And then ever since then Asou kisses Satori and Satori can't resist him, wishing to be groped and f**ked and stuff. But Satori hears that Asou has a girlfriend? And then Satori becomes perplexed and heartbroken. It has a very good ending and a second story that is more character driven than plot driven. I liked the book...a lot! It was cute. Yaoi novels FTW! xDDD

20 November, 2010

hmm...Gackt Diary

I don't know. I have a little bit of money and I'm about to order Gackt's 2011 Calendar quickly since it was released November 13. I'm rushing because I still have Gackt's 2009 calendar hanging on my wall and it doesn't help when I write down the wrong date because yeah, it's from 2 years ago! And when I tried to buy Gackt's 2010 calendar it was SOLD OUT everywhere. Not again. I'm not letting myself go Gackt-less again. I learn from my mistakes, right? But anyways, I'm thinking about getting the Gackt 2011 diary/organizer. It would be good to get something I can use for school & work and stare at Gackt *drools* but I fear...it will be to gorgeous to write on it. Also, it's gonna be HARD work to get because it's sold in Japan only. It seems impossible but it's possible. *sighs* I love Gackt, but not that much so I'm still thinking about it. Or...I could buy a bunch of Rilakkuma stuff, which I'll probably do no matter what. Whatever.

15 November, 2010

It's Over! :D

I talk about my love life on twitter a lot because I go many dates and stuff, but that's not the point here. The point is I've been crushing on this guy I work with and I feel like it's becoming awful. I keep thinking about our first date. It was God awful. I should be treated better y'know? But anyways, when I first met him, he was cool and all, sharing the same interests and stuff. And then I asked him if he wanted to get coffee sometime. I was just being polite, I didn't really mean some time as in "let's really do this" duh. But he was all like, "Sure how about Sunday." And stupid me agreed. I know right? Dumb move. But it gets worse. So Saturday night, I have an argument with my dad (I don't even remember what we were fighting about -_- and then by Sunday morning, I forgot all about the date and then I called out sick from work. Bad idea. Thinking I could have a relaxing day, he calls, so I feel really bad and agree to still going. He was asking me if I was ok because I wasn't at work. And I'm like I'm good. Let's go. I really wanted to see him. So I hurry out thinking we're just getting coffee, right?

So I hurry up and meet him at the coffee shop. We get our coffee and were talking and stuff. And then he says "Your French and Irish, right?" I'm like yeah. And then he says, "That means your parents are immigrates." I was shocked. At that moment I should've walked out. But it gets much worse. He starts talking about politics and ethnic status and I'm like what? All I know is that Obama is president of United States. And then I'm thinking, ok it's time to go home since we finished our coffee. But then he says let's go see a movie and that he'll pay and everything. So I agree. And we go. (And he doesn't have a car,so we're walking.) And we get to the movie theater and he asks me what I want to see. I tell him, How to Train Your Dragon. And guess what he says to the guy at the ticket booth. Two for Iron Man 2. Is this a date from hell or what? But it gets even worse!! I'm like wtf? And then he goes to pay for the movie, but the movie theater we choose for some reason only takes cash (wtf?) And he doesn't have any. Idiot. I smile and pay for it, praying that I brought enough cash, since I thought we were just getting coffee(stupid me). So, he promises me dinner, since I'm pissed off, but I'm like thinking what do you mean by dinner? We were only getting coffee!!! But he's paying for dinner, so why not? I buy popcorn and just try to relax and forgive. Everybody make mistakes, right. I show him my new phone and he was just so sweet and cute. I really liked him. And the movie starts and he puts his arm around me and my heart is pounding and I as gaze up at him, my eyes meet a pair of angry eyes. My mouth hangs open. And guess who's sitting in the seat next to us? My boss and his wife. And I've forgoy about the fact that I had called out of work that morning. I could've died at that moment. I'm trembling. What are the odds of that? My boss says, "hmmm you made a great recovery for your date." And my voice is shaky and I'm speechless. That's awful and stupid. And I'm watching Iron Man 2 --the movie I didn't ask to see as my date talks the entire time. Shut up, please?

I'm not hungry, but still he takes me to dinner. I say I want Mickey D's, he takes me to Apple Bee's! He doesn't listen to me! ever. I'm a bit of a picky eater, so I'm searching through the menu, since he's paying I better get something I like. I order chicken tenders and fries. yummy :3 And when I told the waitress, he says (while I'm ordering) "What? that's a kid meal. Choose something b/c I'm not you buying that." I'm shocked. He's such a bully. And then he chooses an order for me. And tells the waitress what he thinks I want. I couldn't believe he'd be like this. And then waitress defends me by saying (nicely), "Well, at least buy your date what they want." She smiles and he gives in. When we got our food, at that moment, I lost it. I want to go home. I just stare at him like a zombie while he's eating . I don't even eat my food. And he's smiling and eating. I think I was thinking about killing him, who knows? And then he asks me if I want desert and he lets me choose (i love desert) and he looks so cute and when he holds my hand--i love him!! I really do or did? And the next day, I can't stop texting him. I guess something about him I really like, and he says, the date was ruined because of me! Me? (I'm an idiot) I apologized to him over and over again until I cried on the phone and said he should let me make it up to him. I'm stupid. He ruined the date. It's his fault not mine. FOOLISH BITCH! It's over between me and him even if I do still like him. I should stop loving him, right? O_O

09 November, 2010

Thank You. & New Problems for Misaki? O_O

Sometimes I feel like the mangaka,Kyou Ijuuin in Junjou Romantica that draws the The☆Kan (Misaki's favorite manga) I become incredibly pessimistic about writing--dead inside like no one reads my writing or cares about it,so what's the point in writing if no one's reading it? Should I give up? No. I continue to try hard. Really hard. I write because I like too(and I'm kinda not good at anything else lolz xD). So I really wanna say thank you to all the reviews I received on my stories --good or bad. When I get comments, I get so happy and this warm fuzzy feeling runs through my body. It's weird. (My heart orgasms when I read a nice comment. ^///^) but thank you. Comments bring tears of joy to my eyes as I read them over and over and over again. THANK YOU people who read and comment on my work. THANK YOU. You honestly mean the world to me. Kisses for everyone. xD Also I heard that in Junjou Romantica vol. 13 that Kyou Ijuuin might be a huge problem for Misaki & Usagi-san because when Misaki goes to his autograph signing, he recognizes Misaki as the boy that helped his self-esteem. I think he falls in love with Misaki or something like that, so I'm excited for Junjou vol. 13. Keep your fingers crossed, this could be really good! xD

04 November, 2010

Crazy for You.

Totally relates to my relationship with that guy I like xD kyaaa!! He makes me smile *cheeky* kyaaaaa! love him so much & I love this song xD.

(credit to the youtuber who made this. Video is not mine)