03 August, 2011

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

People come and go

Even when you want them to stay

Because when they go

You miss them

But sometimes its better if they go

And you stay

Because people go their separate ways

Even when you want to leave on good terms

Sometimes it’s the bad terms that make them go

And hard to make them stay

When they want you to go

Because you want them to stay and go.

But one can only go or stay

So I will go

So you can stay the same great person you’ve always been.


  1. hey a poem nice, you wrote a sad but true poem. i like it.

  2. aww thank u. im no good at poetry but i didn't wanna write a long blog post abt what happened. Y'know sometimes the very ppl I think have my back, let me fall & surprise me w/ the stuff they say & think. Friendships that were built over a long time wouldn't end over things so childish. but everything happens for a reason and sometimes I just have to love ppl & miss ppl but I can't stay w/ those ppl. If any of that makes sense? lolz xD