28 January, 2012


Easing back into my daily routine is difficult. I am not exactly aware of why it's difficult but recently, school started again and even though I had a month of vacation, I can't seem to get a grip on my studies. There aren't any cute guys in my classes to take my mind off of the miserable lecture. My classes are so boring but I can't complain because school is always boring. Bleh. But also, I no longer have a job and in all honesty, I'm not looking for a job at the moment. I have no money and a long list of things to buy. And that may seem like a horrible situation but it's better than cashiering at a dead-end job, so in that reality, I am happy.

Right now, I can't say much about the way I feel. I know I've had some ups and downs. I'm okay now...I think. At least I hope I will be okay. No mood-swings or mind-crushing depressive attacks. I am not crazy. Sometimes I'm a little lost but I think I found my way. Also, I'm excited to watch the remake of the Ai no Kusabi OVA. I'll watch it tonight.
I have developed a coffee addiction..


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