05 August, 2011

What Have I learned?

Now this is very difficult for me to talk about b/c its about my family and well, family issues are just so extremely difficult for me to talk about--blog about anything. My family has money problems. I don't but the rest of my family does. For example: I buy everything name brand, have an android phone and I buy anything I want. I have a job and I always thought that isn't the reason people get jobs is so they can buy themselves stuff and pay their own bills. I like shopping. My family on the other hand, try to hold on to every penny and watch over how much I'm spending, hoping that the money I don't spend can be spent on them. Crazy, huh? I'm called selfish by my family because I go to work to make money and use the money on stuff i want. And they complain that I buy useless expensive things but still that's not their concern. Its my money, I can do whatever I want with it. My sibling is unemployed and has this belief that I'm lazy and my job isn't hard work for my money. My job may not be extremely hard but I take a lot of shit from customers and I don't even make that much money. I go to work and I write short stories and stuff while my sibling lays in bed all day--doing nothing.

And my sibling asks me to buy chips and soda and candy but doesn't wanna pay me back because he's unemployed. What kind of bullshit is that? Especially when he offered to pay me back and now he's saying I shouldn't accept the money that he pays me bac
k with. My response to that is then don't ask for snacks you can't fucking afford. And now my sibling feels that I should buy him a $60 dollar item. Just because I have a job doesn't mean I'm loaded w/ cash but to my family, if you're working a job then your money should be spent on them. But when my sibling had a job making way more than I've ever made we're talking $600 bi -weekly.I didn't get nothing for no $60. And for xmas which is also my birthday, my sibling bought 2 video games systems a Wii and PS3. My
sibling didn't even buy me a gift for xmas/b-day. Just b/c I have job doesn't mean anyone deserves a cent of my money. They say I but only stuff for myself--expensive useless stuff. That's just the stupidest shit I ever heard because I could easily say the same thing about the stuff they buy. And my sibling buys expensive $160 shoes and shirts and stuff. With that money my sibling should have bought the wanted $60 item. Am I seriously in the wrong here?


  1. That doesn't make sense I can t blame you. That just f up if they can afford a $160 item they can afford snacks, etc. You brother messed up logically he needs a job btw how does he try to pay you back if he does have a job?

  2. Ikr. so ridiculous. Idk. w/o a job my sibling seems to have more money than when he had a job. Isn't that weird? But he tries to show how poor he is by handing me quarters and pennies usually 3 dollars worth of coins to pay me back for buying chips and candy that he asked me to pick up for him when I get out of work. Him not having any money is not my problem, right? lolz XDD thanks for commenting. :)