09 March, 2012


I'm an avid reader and I really enjoy cute stories and romantic stories but the closest genre to my heart is drama. Stories with the drama element always pull me in. I can't say it entertains me but I think maybe in my subconscious I have a sadness that lingers within everything I do. I don't want to believe that I have any bipolar disorder or mental disorders but I'm always sad. Films like Sapphire's Precious and things like that, I can always adopt some sort of inspiration.

Before I start to sound like some crazy Marquis de Sade, I wanna say although bdsm is sexy like Tori Maia's Hoshi no Yakata but that's not what I'm saying. I don't get a charge out of watching others in pain but instead I feel empathy and take an emotion away from the work. Like I benefit from feeling sad after reading sad work. I wanna say drama helps inspire me like in a way it makes me feel less sad like I have no reason to be sad because there are people experiencing worse problems and feelings than anything I have gone through.

Not much more to say on this topic except most of the time I am sad. I am just sad and nothing will change that. But I like to indulge in yaoi romance/ drama manga, so I've been into Toko Kawai's work like Cut. It was so good but a little painful. I don't like happy endings. I like sad endings like the ending of My Sexual Harasment. We know Junya has gone crazy and he'll always be Honma's sex slave. Also bitterly sad endings like Jim Grimsley's Dream boy. But yeah, I guess sad works makes me thankful and shines a little light on my sadness.

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  1. i like drama as well though i like happy ending though i dont like happy sad ending