31 December, 2012


So...2012 is pretty much over and while the year started off on a bad note, it had its good times--new beginnings. I can't say I'll miss 2012 but I can wave goodbye to it without ever looking back. I'm stronger than I ever was that's for sure. At the start of 2012, I was under a lot of stress because I almost had to attend court as a witness of a fight between my mom and my dad. I quit my job which was stupid and I was in a lot of debt. I was depressed almost every day. Then there was the cyber bullying backstabbing that hurt somewhat because I was already depressed and clingy. It was ridiculous. I was ridiculous. So if 2012 has taught me anything at all, it would be no matter how tough times are, it depends on how you handle it, which will determine how you'll get out if it and the people that matter the most are the people who help you through those tough times no matter how ridiculous you are. They don't have to be blood related to be family. Family is the people that have stayed by your side no matter how immature or ignorant you are. Those people matter. Lastly, you never really get over people or--anything. You only move on, but the joyous memories will never fade, so you learn to live without them but no one ever moves on really, you just get over it. Time heals even the worst situations, so never give up. I welcome 2013 and no matter what it's my mission to make this the beginning of the best year ever!  


  1. im doing the same here i agree with this post. a new year is a new beginning and i look forward to what this new year begins me though i do hope it a love life more then anything else ithat i can think of

  2. You really had a though time but I'm glad you are still standing now. May e0w3 be your new awesome year~

    1. Aaah typo I mean 2013 *laugh*