28 February, 2011

Dynamite Darling!

Dynamite Darling! YAY! xDDD Ok, seriously, I can not describe the beauty of this game in words. It's an old yaoi/ bl game by Spray. I love Spray. But the game is more on the bl side b/c it's not explicit like Hanamichi Monogatari (I love that game ^^) but it's no Gakuen Heaven Boys' Love Scramble, where the most shocking scene is when Nakajima rams an ink pen up Keita's butt, in which that scene is still kinda hot. If you haven't played Gakuen Heaven then you like totally should. But anyways, Dynamite Darling follows the stories of 4 different couples. The characters are cute. 4 cute ukes and 4 handsome semes. The game is difficult to explain if u haven't played it, so that makes my talking about it kinda stupid lolz. But I'm talking about it b/c I love everything about this game, the music, the characters and everything!! ^o^ It's a rare game and I can't find a way to upload the game's intro from the disc and I'm getting frustrated by not being able to let everyone know how cool this game is. My Japanese isn't that good anymore like it was when I used to play the game when I was much younger. Totally hate myself and with that being said I can barely remember the storyline for each character. The 1st story is about two boys that fall in love w/ each other at a summer basketball camp. The second story is about a boy upset b/c his boyfriend is graduating & will be leaving the school. The third story is about a guy having an affair w/ a professor (not too sure about that) and I can't remember the last story. Really good game. Yaoi/BL games FTW!! ^o^


  1. can i play this in english?

  2. is this game in english?

  3. unfortunately its not in english :(