05 February, 2011

Memories T^T

Idk. This could be thought of as really ridiculous or maybe I'm just a child at heart. But recently, I've been thinking a lot about everything and suddenly I thought of this time I cried a lot. I was much younger at the time like maybe 10 years old (i'm not sure of the age). Anyways, it started when I came home from school and my cat had caught a mouse. She bit its side and it was bleeding. But my sister stopped the cat from killing it. I was horrified at seeing this bleeding mouse on the floor. So my sister got it out of my sight, saying it was going to be okay and she was going to put it outside. I didn't worry about it. Night fell and it was winter, so I stood near the heater and there was a strange box near the heater. It was a small box that looked like a PlayStation 1 video game could fit in it. And I nudged the box to move it out of my way. And suddenly that mouse with the bloody side rolls out of the box as well.

The mouse was bleeding all over the box, but it was still alive. I could see its tiny mouth gasp for air and its chest was heaving up and down and it was making this faint squeaking noise. Its eyes were closed and it was paralyzed in a sprawled out position. Its little arms and legs seemed so stiff, but simultaneously its chest was moving rapidly. I wish I could've saved it but it wasn't like I could give it mouth to mouth or anything. But it continued to gasp for air as its faint cries slowly died out. Its life was slipping so quickly. I wanted to save it. But the mouse and I both knew that saving its life was impossible. And finally giving its last breath for air, it became stiff in appearance with its mouth now closed and its eyes remaining shut, it was dead--suffered from such a slow painful death. The pain it must've felt was probably so great, but watching it suffer pushed me to tears. I just wanted to save it, but I was so...powerless. I don't blame my cat for its death--I can't blame anyone. And then in a frenzy of tears I rush to my mom. She threw the dead mouse outside in the yard. And she was like, "You can't cry over that mouse. It wasn't even your pet." And no matter how much I explained it to her, she never understood that watching it die was so painful. D:


  1. Awwh, that must have been horrible, especially for a 10 year old! ;A; *hugs*

  2. I would have cried now if I saw that happen and I am 17 T.T
    I'm a big animal lover and I would cry seeing any animal getting hurt or dying.
    You need a sad reaction so I can click that box.

  3. @Riri-Lala-Kiki *hugs* thanks :3

    @SarahKate: yeah, I'm a big animal lover too. Do u like Firefoxes? :D

  4. That sucks, I hate seeing dieing animals. I miss you! ~Kuriza_

  5. aww i miss u too *hugs* come back to twitter???? :D *kisses*