19 March, 2011

Life After Breakdown & Burnout

It's very difficult for me to say this at this moment in my life. Things have changed. My outlook on life has changed, and I have become very aware of my surroundings. I lose ambition. I lose direction. I'm still unstable but I will be ok. I have learned to live life to the fullest. I loss focus. I'm exhausted but I don't sleep at night anymore. I refuse to turn off the light at night as well. There are certain nightmares I have in daylight and nighttime. Nightmares that I can't get out of my mind. I have been tripping out a lot lately, but I'm recovering. I have breakdowns and burnouts that require me to give up on my ambitions, avoid going to work, uncompleting homework, and not going to class. I will be okay. I will try hard to remain okay and resume back to my normal life structure. Of course my routine will undergo some alterations. But I will no longer be afraid. I have the power of the all mighty forever in my heart. Everything will be ok. That's is all. Thank you friends. Also, I'm very excited because new yaoi animes and manga is on the way. I heard Sex Pistols vol.6 will be released in the US and Junjou Romantica vol. 13 will be released in June or something like. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the 5th vol. of Only the Ring Finger Knows to be released to the US, but idk. But let's all be excited and wait for the upcoming yaoi animes to be released. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi!! ^_^ love y'all bye bye xxoxoxo

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