14 April, 2011

Thunderbolt Boys Excite vol. 2

I really like this manga. It's very sexy, but I haven't read the first volume. I only read the second volume, which I liked but I didn't understand the story much. I know it's about two handsome models that fall in love. Ritsu invites his uke boyfriend, Natsui to a beautiful hotel for them to have to sex. But Natsui gets scared b/c he's still a virgin, and therefore, Ritsu starts pressuring him. And when Natsui rejcts him, he gets a prostitute that looks exactly like Natsui. But before the prostitue and Ritsu can have sex, Natsui interrupts them, saying he can't let them b/c sex should be done when ppl are in love & that he's in love w/ Ritsu. And then Ritsu apologizes and they have hot, steamy sex. There are a couple more stories in the manga. They're hot & kinda interesting. The artwork is wonderful. Beautiful. Exciting! Also, I heard that the mangaka of this work is dead. RIP Asami Tohjoh. ;_;

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