08 June, 2011

Beautiful Lightening

To me, lightening is so beautiful. I love watching it streak through the ash black sky. It's just so wonderful--the noise of the heavy rain plunging to the ground and the thunder cracking the sky like a whip. It's sexy. I would like to have sex in the wet grass on a stormy romantic night...or tie an innocent uke (or twink) to a tree and smack his asscheeks w/ a belt and maybe shove a cock like twig up his ass--I'm cruel. I wouldn't let him cum. HA! That's a little off topic--my perverted mind wandering--la la.

More importantly, I didn't know my friends were afraid of lightening. I was w/ my friend and suddenly the sky turned black--so black it looked like the world was coming to an end srsly. I was not scared. I just kept walking. And suddenly, this loud cracking thunder like a lion's roar echoes through the air. My friend started screaming. I was like "calm down." And then the lightening filled the sky.

Constant streaks of purple--looked just like lightening in the movies. My friend was now running and screaming. I was still not scared. It was just lightening. I understand ppl die from being hit by lightening but still I just wasn't scared. So, the lightening was still striking and my friend was screaming "We're in an open area. we're gonna die. I don't wanna die." My friend was literally almost in tears. And the police saw my friend running & screaming like a crazy person. They pull over and stop us. My friend ran into their car like an idiot, slamming against the car and fell down. The police got out of the car and my friend was hysterical. I was so embarrassed. They checked my friend for alcohol b/c they think my friend was obviously drunk or fucking crazy. And they gave us a ride home. So fucking embarrassing. Bleh. =__= Pika pika pikachuuuuuuuuuuuu.


  1. i would feel the same way dude. i love thunderstorm they are peaceful and sexy like the way you put it. btw im a innocent uke pika pika pikachu

  2. lolz xDDD ikr. storms are peaceful & i love ukes :3