08 July, 2011

More Pain ;___;

So, I was at the nail salon, funn fun ikr, and I decided to try gel nails b/c I've had acrylic nails before and I liked them but I encountered an old lady that recommended I should get gel nails. So why not give it a try, n'est-ce pas? lolz. Anyways, I went to the salon and was seated at a little table. Very cute, petite woman helped me. She was so polite and gentle--she was amazing! Not to get off topic but when I went a different nail salon abt a year ago, this wild, rough man did my nails. Omg, he was so intimidating--like staring directly into my eyes w/o blinking as he sawed my hands off and twisted my wrist while constantly yelling, "RELAX!" in my face. And I couldn't complain to the owner b/c he was the owner. Scary.

So, yeah, my first time getting gel nails. All the reviews I read abt them were fairly good. I was sitting there and the lady was talking to me. I could barely understand anything she said. She was like talking to herself b/c I only laughed when she laughed. It was awkward. I started zoning out, watching General Hospital b/c that was on this giant tv in front of me. I looked at her and she said (what i heard) something, something, ow ow ow, but burning don't last long." I smiled and was like, "Oh ok." I went back to watching General Hospital as she guided my hand into a machine that looked like an easybake oven/ toaster thing. My hand was resting inside this thing. The lady turned on a little fan. She said, "this will take away pain," and smiled.

Before I could even smile back, my hand--my nails felt like it was on fire! Tbh, it felt like hot candle wax had been dumped on my finger. Imagine a hot glue gun pressed on tender flesh. I howled. She laughed. The worst part: that was just the burning of one finger. I had 9 more to go. :( The end results were kinda worth it. Idk. For any of u virgin gel nail fingers, be prepared to scream. Hot candle wax is so not sexy to me anymore, though, I'd still like to see an uke tortured w/ hot candle wax dripping down his chest, but yeah. It hurt. Pretty much paid for pain. lolz xxoxoxo


  1. im not sure i would get that sound like too much pain for but i might do it if someone does it with me

  2. The pain was so awful. I'm never doing it ever again. :D lolz