08 July, 2011

A Whole Lot of Pain :'(

Im in pain. Not a lot of pain but enough pain that when I move, I'm reminded of what happened. I'm kinda embarrassed too. I was trying to prove to my sibling that going outside at night is not scary. And I dashed outside screaming and leaping--Im pretty much beyond crazy >.> & I was screaming a song I heard Peter Griffin sing in Family Guy, it was like: ding fries are done, ding fries are done or something like that. And I was wearing ugg boots even though it's summer and as I ran, I did a long leap, kicking both my legs out as if I was doing ballet. So the first leap was successful but the second one--err...not so much. I slipped on the wet grass and fell forward and landed face first in the middle of the empty street. My hands had slapped against the ground so hard, I heard this awful slapping noise. I twisted my left wrist and I scraped my knee and hurt my ankle. :'( The palms of my hands had little cuts on them that bleed a little. And instead of helping me, my sibling was laughing at me. I was on the GROUND, literally in a daze--trying to figure out why one minute I'm running and now I'm kissing the ground. Like wtf? O__O and then I slowly got up and limped to the front door. Ow ow ow! My hands still hurt. DX


  1. aw i hope you get better soon and your siblings are mean and cruel they should have help you. and did you know netflixs has family guy on it and they have some episode that had things cut out before they aired on the tv. you can watch them with them uncuted episodes.

  2. Ooh la la. Thanks for telling me. Netflix is soooo awesome! ^ ___ ^