06 July, 2011

Important stuff D:

Hmm...I've been thinking abt a lot lately. Like moving out, writing, working & some junk. I feel inspired again! ^o^ isn't that great?! I feel inspired to write more fanfiction, orig. fiction and even a couple articles for magazines. Abt a month ago, the blinking cursor that used inspire me, only haunted me but now, I'm in love with filling the blank page w/ words again. Im excited. I want to write men fucking and sucking and spanking and kissing--NAKED MEN IN BED! tbh, Im not sure what pairing I wanna write abt. Any suggestions? O__O All is good in the writing dept. lolz :D

But on to other things. My mom DOESN'T like me writing smut. She calls it garbage. :'( With all honesty, I dont give a fuck what she says or thinks abt yaoi or smut or me writing yaoi smut. :p I wanna move out, not just b/c my mom doesn't like smut but b/c of the abuse done by mom and dad. I blogged abt some of the secret abuse in an earlier post. Don't wanna upset myself by writing abt it now. Srry. So, yeah, I'm moving out and I'm trying to form a move out plan. My parents are no help, so I've been talking to friends and stuff, but still Idk. My plan was to save up some money, I can't get a scend job b/c of school, so I was trying to sell stuff on ebay. I don't just want the money for the ebay stuff, but also, I want to get rid of some things so moving out will be a little easier. I've been donating clothes and stuff--it's all name brand so some lucky kid will be sporting free Armani and stuff lolz XD Overall, I'm trying to pay off my bills b/c I have serval maxed out credit cards and blah blah loans--blah blah blah. =__= but I keep spending more than I save. Now that my paycheck is direct deposit, I spend it so quickly, its ridiculous. In other words, ehow is practically my lifesaver although it can't solve all problems...or maybe it can ;D but yeah, suggestions/ a little help or tips on moving out would be nice. xxoxoxx :3


  1. good luck on moving out and if you ever write a book i would love to read it

  2. HellOo~ (^3^)/ how about some Misaki X Onodera juice?! :3 loll Post a link to your stuff if you post them up on the net~ ^__^

    You seem to love spending...(like me!! :D) loll so what I do, is take half the money I get and put it away, and the rest I spend~ Just put it away in an envelope and try not to touch it, since you are planning to move out, you'll need to start saving and have a decent amount to support yourself~ :) Also I think it would be wise at this point to plan out a simple budget and make lists of things you need to move out! Search around for suitable places, take your time with this because you would want to make the right decision! Other than that, all I can say is GOOD LUCK<333 We will always be here for you for any help you need! (^___^)/